OhNoPls: Est. 2013

OhNoPls brings a new field of clothing to the market. A unique style and blend of character ensures OhNoPls customers will stand out from the crowd, with real style and flare. It's important to feel good, look good, and be unique. OhNoPls allows you to do all three with very affordable but stylish clothing. 

OhNoPls prides itself with first class customer service. OhNoPls promises to make your purchases simple, easy and completely secure.  
A high quality product for a low price, what more do you need when OhNoPls provides you the best in fashion.

Jamie Stimpson

A 23 year old recording artist originating from Milton Keynes, with a love for business. In his so far short but successful music career, having already achieved three top 40's in the iTunes R&B Charts, Jamie turned his attention to OhNoPls, recognising a new opportunity, another challenge to help him fulfil more of his dreams. Jamie has always had a huge passion for marketing in business, so OhNoPls has given him a second focus where he can use all of his skills to promote far and wide, to an enthusiastic audience. You can read more about Jamie on his personal website, www.jamie-stimpson.co.uk - Follow him on Twitter@JayStimpson